About Us

We offer a wealth of knowledge that comes from 24 years experience in the field of electrotechnology

We have been working for 10 years with a wide range of customers, which include small businesses and multinational companies operating in the electronic industry in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.

The seat of our company is on the street Sokolovská 678 in the picturesque town of Uherské Hradiště in South Moravia.

How can we help you?

    Manufacturing processes for PCB assembly are related to the quality of printed circuit boards, components, consumables and correct setting of technological processes. Application support in SMT and THT assembly of printed circuit boards, the introduction of new technologies into production is one of the services that can help streamline production. An important article of manufacture is well-trained worker for the job. Employee training tailored for your production can reduce the cost of repairs or complaints from end customers.